Performance assessment and analysis of development and operations based automation tools for source code management

Pooja Mittal, Poonam Narang


Development and operations (DevOps), an accretion of automation tools, efficiently reaches the goals of software development, test, release, and delivery in terms of optimization, speed and quality. Diverse set of alternative automation tools exist for different phases of software development, for which DevOps adopts several selection criteria to choose the best tool. This research paper represents the performance evaluation and analysis of automation tools employed in the coding phase of DevOps culture. We have taken most commonly followed source code management tools-BitBucket, GitHub actions, and GitLab into consideration. Current work assesses and analyzes their performance based on DevOps evaluation criteria that too are categorized into different dimensions. For the purpose of performance evaluation, weightage and overall score is assigned to these criteria based on existing renowned literature and industrial case study of TekMentors Pvt Ltd. On the ground of performance outcome, the tool with the highest overall score is realized as the best source code automation tool. This performance analysis or measure will be a great benefit to our young researchers/students to gain an understanding of the modus operandi of DevOps culture, particularly source code automation tools. As a part of future research, other dimensions of selection criteria can also be considered for evaluation purposes.


automation; automation tools; DevOps; software development; source code management;

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