Sensored speed control of brushless DC motor based salp swarm algorithm

Wisam Najm Al-Din Abed, Omar Abbood Imran, Ali Najim Abdullah


This article uses one of the newest and efficient meta-heuristic optimization algorithms inspired from nature called salp swarm algorithm (SSA). It imitates the exploring and foraging behavior of salps in oceans. SSA is proposed for parameters tuning of speed controller in brushless DC (BLDC) motor to achieve the best performance. The suggested work modeling and control scheme is done using MATLAB/Simulink and coding environments. In this work, a 6-step inverter is feeding a BLDC motor with a Hall sensor effect. The proposed technique is compared with other nature-inspired techniques such as cuckoo search optimizer (CSO), honey bee optimization (HBO), and flower pollination algorithm (FPA) under the same operating conditions. This comparison aims to show the superiority features of the proposed tuning technique versus other optimization strategies. The proposed tuning technique shows superior optimization features versus other bio-inspired tuning methods that are used in this work. It improves the controller performance of BLDC motor. It refining the speed response features which results in decreasing the rising time, steady-state error, peak overshoot, and settling time.


6 Steps inverter; Brushless DC motor; Hall sensor; Metaheuristic; Salp swarm algorithm

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