Maximum power point tracking controller using Lyapunov theorem of wind turbine under varying wind conditions

Maamar Yahiaoui, Benameur Afif, Brahim Brahmi, Mohamed Horch, Mohamed Serraoui


Due to the instantaneous variation in wind speed, it is necessary to identify the optimal rotational speed that ensures maximum energy efficiency and system stability. We proposed a controller based on the Lyapunov theorem to extract the maximum power from wind speed and to ensure the overall stability of the controlled system under random operating conditions imposed by wind speed and parameter variations. The control of the Tip speed ratio is based on the Lyapunov theorem (TSR_LT), which is a controller based on Lyapunov's theory and the definition of a positive, energetic function, to ensure the stability of the system being controlled, the dynamics of this function must be negative. The viability of this work is demonstrated by MATLAB-based mathematical and simulation models and a comparison with the results obtained using proportional integral (PI) controller-based tip speed ratio control (TSR_PI controller). The simulation results demonstrate the controller's effectiveness.


lyapunov theorem controller; permanent magnet synchronous generator; proportional integral controller; tip speed ratio control; wind turbine;

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