Analytical transformations software for stationary modes of induction motors and electric drives

Mohamed Zaidan Qawaqzeh, Oleksandr Miroshnyk, Aleksandr Osichev, Andrii Tkachenko, Dmytro Danylchenko


A program was developed in the package of symbolic transformations Maple. It provides automatic analytical transformation and derivation of formulas and plotting of the main characteristics of induction motors (IM) in a convenient form for an electrical engineer and student: torque=f(slip) T=f(s), angular speed=f(Torque) ω=f(T), angular speed=f(Current) ω=f(I), current=f(slip) I=f(s); cos(φ) and phase angle (phi) φ for stator currents and rotor currents, and magnetizing circuit, machine efficiency η=f(s) and a number of other characteristics. The calculation is based on the equivalent circuit of IM motors in its different variants: with one cage in the rotor, with two or more cages in the rotor, taking into account the skin effect in the rotor rods and without it. The user can build up the equivalent circuit to the desired configuration. The algorithm of further transformations is based on analytical obtaining of amplitude/frequency and phase/frequency characteristics in the nodes of the equivalent circuits with further calculation by power and slip. Online animation of the graphs with alternate variations of all resistances R and inductances L values of the model is provided. The article contains screenshots of important parts of the programs and illustrates the complete set of graphs.


Curve characteristic; Equivalent circuit; Induction motor; Package maple; Skin effect; Two-cage rotor

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