Privacy protection domain-user integra tag deduplication in cloud data server

Mohanaprakash Thottipalayam Andavan, Nirmalrani Vairaperumal


The cloud with strong storage management has recently developed in the big data world which can confirm the data integrity and keep just a single data duplicate. Many cloud auditing storage techniques have been developed to overcome the data deduplication (DD) problem, but they are vulnerable and can't resist brute force attacks (BFA). There is some privacy leakage problem that occurred in the present method. In this article, an original strategy called domain-user integra tag (DUIT) has been presented which comprises inter and intra deduplication with file tag and symmetric encryption key. The DUIT has two phases, the first one is random tag generation for Intra deduplication and the other is random ciphertext (CT) generation for encryption. The benefit of the DUIT is the security of individual user’s files would not reveal to people in general, hence we proved that the DUIT is protected from the BFA. Finally, an experiment has conducted in Linux processor and C program software. The outcome of DUIT demonstrates that our method has reduced the computation cost (CC) by 27% and 35% and searching complexity (SC) by 10% and 26% related with the previous methods. It is decided that the DUIT achieves the low CC and SC.


cloud computing; data deduplication; data protection; encryption; security;

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