Self scale estimation of the tracking window merged with adaptive particle filter tracker

Azdoud Youssef, Amine Aouatif, Nassih Bouchra, Ngadi Mohammed


Tracking a mobile object is one of the important topics in pattern recognition, but style has some obstacles. A Reliable tracking system must adjust their tracking windows in real time according to appearance changes of the tracked object. Furthermore, it has to deal with many challenges when one or multiple objects need to be tracked, for instance when the target is partially or fully occluded, background clutter, or even some target region is blurred. In this paper, we will present a novel approach for a single object tracking that combines particle filter algorithm and kernel distribution that update its tracking window according to object scale changes, whose name is multi-scale adaptive particle filter tracker. We will demonstrate that the use of particle filter combined with kernel distribution inside the resampling process will provide more accurate object localization within a research area. Furthermore, its average error for target localization was significantly lower than 21.37 pixels as the mean value. We have conducted several experiments on real video sequences and compared acquired results to other existing state of the art trackers to demonstrate the effectiveness of the multi-scale adaptive particle filter tracker.


Kernel distribution; Object tracking; Particle filter; Scale change

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