Trolls: a novel low-cost controlling system platform for walk-behind tractor

Padma Nyoman Crisnapati, Dechrit Maneetham, Evi Triandini


A novel low-cost controlling system platform for walk-behind hand tractors (Quick G3000 and G1000) was designed and developed to solve the fatigue problem faced by farmers when ploughing the rice field. This platform is dedicated to designing and manufacturing mechanical, electrical, and software components. The tractor was modified and added with an embedded control system that functioned as the slave, while the direction of the tractor movement was controlled remotely by humans through Bluetooth communication with the smartphone application as the master. Several servos and direct currents (DCs) were used as the actuator to move some levers and clutches instead of the tractor to make it remotely controllable. This system has been directly tested in the paddy farming land through two tractors: Quick G3000 and G1000. The testing results showed that this system could be used within more or less six hours; there is a cost-efficiency of 21.74% and 84.62% battery usage efficiency. More efficient mechanics caused this cost efficiency, and the reduction in electronic devices affects battery efficiency. A low-cost platform for controlling walk-behind tractors has been successfully developed; this platform assists farmers in ploughing their fields.


Android; Control system; Embedded system; Tractor controlling system; Walk-behind hand tractor

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