Energy-efficient data-aggregation for optimizing quality of service using mobile agents in wireless sensor network

Prapulla S. Basappa, Shobha Gangadhar, Tiptur Chandrashekar Thanuja


Quality of service (QoS) is essential for carrying out data transmission using resource-constrained sensor nodes in wireless sensor network (WSN). The introduction of mobile agent-based data aggregation is reported to offer energy efficiency; however, it has limitations, especially using a single mobile agent, where QoS optimization is not feasible. A review of existing studies showcases some dedicated attempts to use a mobile agent-based approach and address QoS enhancements. However, they were never combined studied. Therefore, this paper introduces a unique concept of retaining maximum QoS performance during data aggregation using a single mobile agent. The model introduces a unique communication framework, transmission provisioning using exceptional routine management, and simplified energy modeling. The proposed model has aimed for a lower delay and faster data aggregation speed with lower consumption of transmittance energy. The implementation and assessment of the model are carried out considering the challenging environment of WSN with multiple scales of data priority. The proposed model also contributes to evolving out with simplified communication vectors in a highly decentralized method. MATLAB's simulation outcome shows that the proposed system offers better delay performance, optimal energy management, and faster response time than existing schemes.


Data forwarding; Energy management; Mobile agent; Quality of service; Transmission; Wireless sensor network;

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