Response time optimization for vulnerability management system by combining the benchmarking and scenario planning models

Arif Basuki, Andi Adriansyah


The growth of information and communication technology has made the internet network have many users. On the other side, this increases cybercrime and its risks. One of the main attack targets is network weakness. Therefore, cyber security is required, which first does a network scan to stop the attack. Points of vulnerability on the network can be discovered using scanning techniques. Furthermore, mitigation or recovery measures can be implemented. However, it needs a short response time and high accuracy while scanning to reduce the level of damage caused by cyber-attacks. In this paper, the proposed method improves the performance of a vulnerability management system based on network and port scanning by combining the benchmarking and scenario planning models. On a network scanning to discover open ports on a subnet, Masscan can achieve response times of less than 2 seconds, and on scenario planning for detection on a single host by Nmap can reach less than 4 seconds. It was combining both models obtained an adequate optimization response time. The total response time is less than 6 seconds.


network; port scanning; vulnerability;

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