Synthesis of new antenna arrays with arbitrary geometries based on the superformula

Anas A. Amaireh, Nihad I. Dib, Asem S. Al-Zoubi


The synthesis of antenna arrays with low sidelobe levels is needed to enhance the communication systems’ efficiency. In this paper, new arbitrary geometries that improve the ability of the antenna arrays to minimize the sidelobe level, are proposed. We employ the well-known superformula equation in the antenna arrays field by implementing the equation in the general array factor equation. Three metaheuristic optimization algorithms are used to synthesize the antenna arrays and their geometries; antlion optimization (ALO) algorithm, grasshopper optimization algorithm (GOA), and a new hybrid algorithm based on ALO and GOA. All the proposed algorithms are high-performance computational methods, which proved their efficiency for solving different real-world optimization problems. 15 design examples are presented and compared to prove validity with the most general standard geometry: elliptical antenna array (EAA). It is observed that the proposed geometries outperform EAA geometries by 4.5 dB and 10.9 dB in the worst and best scenarios, respectively, which proves the advantage and superiority of our approach.


Antenna arrays; Antlion optimization algorithm; Grasshopper optimization algorithm; Metaheuristics algorithms; Superformula equation

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