Security and privacy recommendation of mobile app for Arabic speaking

Hameed Almubarak, Mohamed Khairallah Khouja, Ahmed Jedidi


There is an enormous number of mobile apps, leading users to be concerned about the security and privacy of their data. But few users are aware of what is meant by app permissions, which sometimes do not illustrate what kind of data is gathered. Therefore, users are still concerned about security risks and privacy, with little knowledge and experience of what security and privacy awareness. Users depend on ratings, which may be fake, or keep track of their sense to install an app, and an enormous number of users do not like to read reviews. To solve this issue, we propose a recommender system that reads users' reviews, and which exposes flaws, violations and third-party policies or the quality of a user's experience. In order to design and implement our recommender, we conduct a survey which supports two significant points: to detect the level of security and privacy awareness between users, and to gather new words into a dictionary of a recommender system, which assists to classify each review on the correct level, which can indeed reveal the scale of security and privacy in an app.


Awareness; Mobile apps; Privacy; Recommender system; Security

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