Efficient time-series forecasting of nuclear reactions using swarm intelligence algorithms

Hala Shaker Mehdy, Nariman Jabbar Qasim, Haider Hadi Abbas, Israa Al_Barazanchi, Hassan Muwafaq Gheni


In this research paper, we focused on the developing a secure and efficient time-series forecasting of nuclear reactions using swarm intelligence (SI) algorithm. Nuclear radioactive management and efficient time series for casting of nuclear reactions is a problem to be addressed if nuclear power is to deliver a major part of our energy consumption. This problem explains how SI processing techniques can be used to automate accurate nuclear reaction forecasting. The goal of the study was to use swarm analysis to understand patterns and reactions in the dataset while forecasting nuclear reactions using swarm intelligence. The results obtained by training the SI algorithm for longer periods of time for predicting the efficient time series events of nuclear reactions with 94.58 percent accuracy, which is higher than the deep convolution neural networks (DCNNs) 93% accuracy for all predictions, such as the number of active reactions, to see how the results can improve. Our earliest research focused on determining the best settings and preprocessing for working with a certain nuclear reaction, such as fusion and fusion task: forecasting the time series as the reactions took 0-500 ticks being trained on 300 epochs


Analysis; Artificial intelligence; Energy; Nuclear reaction; Prediction; Swarm intelligence; Time-series

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i5.pp5093-5103

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