Breast cancer histological images nuclei segmentation and optimized classification with deep learning

Fawad Salam Khan, Muhammad Inam Abbasi, Muhammad Khurram, Mohd Norzali Haji Mohd, M. Danial Khan


Breast cancer incidences have grown worldwide during the previous few years. The histological images obtained from a biopsy of breast tissues are regarded as being the highest accurate approach to determine whether any cells exhibit symptoms of cancer. The visible position of nuclei inside the image is achieved through the use of instance segmentation, nevertheless, this work involves nucleus segmentation and features classification of the predicted nucleus for the achievement of best accuracy. The extracted features map using the feature pyramid network has been modified using segmenting objects by locations (SOLO) convolution with grasshopper optimization for multiclass classification. A breast cancer multiclassification technique based on a suggested deep learning algorithm was examined to achieve the accuracy of 99.2% using a huge database of ICIAR 2018, demonstrating the method’s efficacy in offering an important weapon for breast cancer multi-classification in a medical setting. The segmentation accuracy achieved is 88.46%.


Breast cancer; Histological images; Mask regional convolutional network; Nuclei; Segmentation;

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