Multi-objective NSGA-II based community detection using dynamical evolution social network

Muhammed E. Abd Alkhalec Tharwat, Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee, Shahreen Kasim, Azizul Azhar Ramli, Mohammed K. Ali


Community detection is becoming a highly demanded topic in social networking-based applications. It involves finding the maximum intraconnected and minimum inter-connected sub-graphs in given social networks. Many approaches have been developed for community’s detection and less of them have focused on the dynamical aspect of the social network. The decision of the community has to consider the pattern of changes in the social network and to be smooth enough. This is to enable smooth operation for other community detection dependent application. Unlike dynamical community detection Algorithms, this article presents a non-dominated aware searching Algorithm designated as non-dominated sorting based community detection with dynamical awareness (NDS-CD-DA). The Algorithm uses a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm NSGA-II with two objectives: modularity and normalized mutual information (NMI). Experimental results on synthetic networks and real-world social network datasets have been compared with classical genetic with a single objective and has been shown to provide superiority in terms of the domination as well as the convergence. NDS-CD-DA has accomplished a domination percentage of 100% over dynamic evolutionary community searching DECS for almost all iterations.


community detection; complex network; dynamic social networks; modularity; multi-objective; NSGA-II;

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