Analysis and simulation of even-level quasi-Z-source inverter

Niltala Sai shanmukha Akshath, Avugaddi Naresh, Matcha Nikesh kumar, Mayur Barman, Durgesh Nandan, Tirupathi Abhilash


This research proposes a seven-level inverter with quasi-Z-source boost converters. The proposed topology employs a packed U-cell asymmetrical type multilevel inverter along with front-end quasi-Z-source networks. The quasi networks provide high gain compared to a conventional boost converter. This topology is the most suitable for photovoltaic multi-string applications. The proposed topology has the potential to supply both the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) type load. The inverter structure has a lower number of active switches which helps in the reduction of losses and improvement in efficiency. In this paper, the operation principle of a quasi-network and inverter circuit are explained in detail. In addition, the simulation results for various modulation indices are presented. In the MATLAB/Simulink environment, the architecture is proposed by using gated sinusoidal “Pulse width modulation”.


duty cycle; harmonic spectra; multilevel inverter; quasi Z-source; seven-level;

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