Development of real-time indoor human tracking system using LoRa technology

Ida Syafiza Binti Md Isa, Anis Hanani


Industrial growth has increased the number of jobs hence increase the number of employees. Therefore, it is impossible to track the location of all employees in the same building at the same time as they are placed in a different department. In this work, a real-time indoor human tracking system is developed to determine the location of employees in a real-time implementation. In this work, the long-range (LoRa) technology is used as the communication medium to establish the communication between the tracker and the gateway in the developed system due to its low power with high coverage range besides requires low cost for deployment. The received signal strength indicator (RSSI) based positioning method is used to measure the power level at the receiver which is the gateway to determine the location of the employees. Different scenarios have been considered to evaluate the performance of the developed system in terms of precision and reliability. This includes the size of the area, the number of obstacles in the considered area, and the height of the tracker and the gateway. A real-time testbed implementation has been conducted to evaluate the performance of the developed system and the results show that the system has high precision and are reliable for all considered scenarios.


human tracking; indoor; localization; RSSI;

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