Smart element aware gate controller for intelligent wheeled robot navigation

Nadia Adnan Shiltagh Al-Jamali, Mahmood Z. Abdullah


The directing of a wheeled robot in an unknown moving environment with physical barriers is a difficult proposition. In particular, having an optimal or near-optimal path that avoids obstacles is a major challenge. In this paper, a modified neuro-controller mechanism is proposed for controlling the movement of an indoor mobile robot. The proposed mechanism is based on the design of a modified Elman neural network (MENN) with an effective element aware gate (MEEG) as the neuro-controller. This controller is updated to overcome the rigid and dynamic barriers in the indoor area. The proposed controller is implemented with a mobile robot known as Khepera IV in a practical manner. The practical results demonstrate that the proposed mechanism is very efficient in terms of providing shortest distance to reach the goal with maximum velocity as compared with the MENN. Specifically, the MEEG is better than MENN in minimizing the error rate by 58.33%.


element wise aware gate; indoor environment; mobile robot; modified elman; neuro-controller;

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