Incorporate ACO routing algorithm and mobile sink in wireless sensor networks

Tran Cong Hung, Phan Thi The


Today, science and technology is developing, particularly the internet of things (IoT), there is an increasing demand in the sensor field to serve the requirements of individuals within modern life. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) was created to assist us to modernize our lives, saving labor, avoid dangers, and that bring high efficiency at work. There are many various routing protocols accustomed to increase the ability efficiency and network lifetime. However, network systems with one settled sink frequently endure from a hot spots issue since hubs close sinks take a lot of vitality to forward information amid the transmission method. In this paper, the authors proposed combining the colony optimization algorithm ant colony optimization (ACO) routing algorithm and mobile sink to deal with that drawback and extend the network life. The simulation results on MATLAB show that the proposed protocol has far better performance than studies within the same field.


ACO; cluster head; LEACH-C; mobile sink;

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