Inter-cell interference mitigation using adaptive reduced power subframes in heterogeneous networks

Mohammed I. Aal-nouman, Osamah Abdullah, Noor Qusay A. Al Shaikhli


With the remarkable impact and fast growth of the mobile networks, the mobile base stations have been increased too, especially in the high population areas. These base stations will be overloaded by users, for that reason the small cells (like pico cells) were introduced. However, the inter-cell interference will be high in this type of Heterogeneous networks. There are many solutions to mitigate this interference like the inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC), and then the further enhanced ICIC (Fe-ICIC) where the almost blank subframes are used to give priority to the (victim users). But it could be a waste of bandwidth due to the unused subframes. For that reason, in this paper, we proposed an adaptive reduced power subframe that reduces its power ratio according to the user’s signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) in order to get a better throughput and to mitigate the intercell interference. When the user is far from the cell, the case will be considered as an edge user and will get a higher priority to be served first. The results show that the throughput of all users in the macro cells and pico cell will be improved when applying the proposed scheme in term of throughput for the users and the cells.


almost blank subframes; heterogeneous networks; inter-cell interference; SINR;

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