Design new voltage balancing control series connected for HV-IGBT`s

M. I. Fahmi, M. F. Mukmin, H. F. Liew, C. L. Wai, M. A. Aazmi, S. N. M. Arshad


The insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are widely used in various applications as they require low gate drive power and gate voltage. This paper proposes an active gain circuit to maintain voltage stability of series-connected IGBTs for high voltage applications. The novel gate driver circuit with closed-loops control amplifies the gate signal while restricting the IGBT emitter voltage below a predetermined level. With the proposed circuit, serial-connected IGBTs can replace high-voltage IGBTs (HV-IGBTs) for high-voltage applications through the active control of the gate signal time delay. Closed-loop controls function is to charged current to the gate to restrict the IGBT emitter voltage to a predetermined level. This paper also presents the experiment on the gate driver capability based on a series-connected IGBTs with three IGBTs and a snubber circuit. The experimental results show a voltage offset with active control with a wide variation in load and imbalance conditions. Lastly, the experimental results are validated with the simulation results, where the simulation results agree with the experimental results.


closed loop; high-voltage; IGBT; series-connected; voltage balancing;

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