The impact of sentiment analysis from user on Facebook to enhanced the service quality

Daniel D. Albesta, Michael L. Jonathan, Muhammad Jawad, Oktovianus Hardiawan, Derwin Suhartono


Facebook's influence on the modern social media platform is undoubtedly enormous. While it has gotten a backlash for its inability to control its influence over important affairs, there are still many questions regarding people's perception of Facebook and their sentiment over Facebook. This paper's role in this ongoing debate is to give a glimpse of people's sentiment and perception of Facebook in recent times. By collecting samples data from Facebook's Top Page, this paper hopes to represent a significant amount of people's aspirations towards this company. By processing the data with a processing tool to construct and model out the data and a sentiment analyzer tool helps determine the sentiment, this paper can deduce a 600-comment worth of processed data. The results from the 600 sampled comments concluded that the sentiments towards Facebook are 41.50% negative comments, 22.83% neutral comments, and 35.67% positive comments.


data mining; facebook; sentiment analysis; service quality;

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