Fuzzy logic power management for a PV/Wind microgrid with backup and storage systems

Aysar M. Yasin, Mohammed F. Alsayed


This work introduces a power management scheme based on the fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to manage the power flows in a small and local distributed generation system. The stand-alone microgrid (MG) includes wind and PV generators as main power sources. The backup system includes a battery storage system (BSS) and a diesel generator (DG) combined with a supercapacitor (SC). The different energy sources are interconnected through the DC bus. The MG is modeled using MATLAB/Simulink Sim_Power System™. The SC is used to compensate for the shortage of power during the start-up of the DG and to compensate for the limits on the charging/discharging current of the BSS. The power balance of the system is the chief objective of the proposed management scheme. Some performance indexes are evaluated: the frequency-deviation, the stability of the DC bus voltage, and the AC voltage total harmonic distortion. The performance of the planned scheme is assessed by two 24-hours simulation sets. Simulation results confirm the effectiveness of FLC-based management. Moreover, the effectiveness of the FLC approach is compared with the deterministic approach. FLC approach has saved 18.7% from the daily load over the deterministic approach. The study shows that the quality of the power signal in the case of FLC is better than the deterministic approach.


distributed generation; energy management; fuzzy logic controller; microgrid; renewable energy sources; super capacitor;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i4.pp2876-2888

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