Adaptive hysteresis band current control of grid connected PV inverter

R. S. Ravi Sankar, A. Venkatesh, Deepika Kollipara


In this paper, adaptive hysteresis band current controller is implemented to control the current injected into the grid. Initially it was implemented by B.K Bose for control of the machine drive. Now it is implemented for the grid connected PV inverter, to control the current injected into Grid. It is well suitable for the distribution generation. The adaptive hysteresis band controller changes the bandwidth based on the modulating frequency, supply voltage, input DC voltage and slope of the reference current. Consequently, the controller generates pulses to the inverter. It is advantageous over the conventional hysteresis controller, as the switching frequency is maintained almost constant. Thereby quality of grid current is also improved. It is verified in time domain analysis of simulation using MATLAB.


adaptive hysteresis band controller; DC link; perturb and observe method; voltage source converter; voltage source inverter;

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