A comprehensive fuzzy-based scheme for online detection of operational and topological changes

Amin Damanjani, Mohamad Hosseini Abardeh, Azita Azarfar, Mehrdad Hojjat


Operational modes and topological changes affect power flow in the power systems. As a result, a broad spectrum of protection issues may happen in the power system. So, both the operational and topological changes should be detected fast to prevent blackouts. On the other hand, the existing detection schemes are complex in analyzing and implementation. Therefore, there is a need for an online scheme to identify the network's topology and operation mode simultaneously without complex computations and additional communication infrastructures. To this end, a comprehensive scheme is proposed in which the changes are detected by analyzing the power flow obtained from the network. For this purpose, line outage contingencies and operation modes are defined in rules to be used in a fuzzy inference system (FIS) as a decision-making tool. The proposed scheme can be implemented on existing lines as a communication infrastructure and determines the network’s status in an online manner. Also, in comparison to the existing schemes, the proposed scheme reduces the complexity and the computational burden. The proposed scheme is implemented on IEEE 8-bus system and the results proved its efficiency.


contingency; fuzzy inference system; line outage; operation mode; power system protection;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v12i4.pp3396-3409

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