Adaptive backstepping control of induction motor powered by photovoltaic generator

M. Madark, A. Ba-razzouk, E. Abdelmounim, M. El Malah


This paper is aimed at addressing the design of an effective adaptive nonlinear control of a photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system powering a submersible induction motor and a centrifugal water pump. Four objectives are achieved using an adaptive Backstepping controller. First, it is applied to ensure maximum power point tracking, and uses the latter as a reference in regulation of the rotor speed to convert the maximum electrical power into maximum mechanical power. Second, the adaptive controller is synthesized to control motor rotor flux and restrict the magnetic circuit to its linear interval. Third, it is used to online estimate the rotor time-constant and the load torque disturbance estimation. Finally, this controller is employed to limit the stator currents to protect induction motor windings. Mathematical modelling of the main elements of the system is presented. A sliding mode rotor flux estimator is employed in the output feedback control of the whole system. DC-AC converter is controlled by pulse width modulation. The feasibility, the robustness and the effectiveness of the proposed adaptive nonlinear controller are evaluated through simulations in MATLAB/Simulink environment.


adaptive control ; backstepping control; centrifugal pump; induction motor; nonlinear MPPT;

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