A new method for vehicles detection and tracking using information and image processing

Mazouzi Amine, Kerfa Djoudi, Ismail Rakip Karas


In this article, a new method of vehicles detecting and tracking is presented: A thresholding followed by a mathematical morphology treatment are used. The tracking phase uses the information about a vehicle. An original labeling is proposed in this article. It helps to reduce some artefacts that occur at the detection level. The main contribution of this article lies in the possibility of merging information of low level (detection) and high level (tracking). In other words, it is shown that many artefacts resulting from image processing (low level) can be detected, and eliminated thanks to the information contained in the labeling (high level). The proposed method has been tested on many video sequences and examples are given illustrating the merits of our approach.


Image processing; Information processing; Labeling; Tracking; Vehicles detection

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i6.pp4942-4949

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