An autonomous navigational system using GPS and computer vision for futuristic road traffic

Prabha Ramasamy, Mohan Kabadi


Navigational service is one of the most essential dependency towards any transport system and at present, there are various revolutionary approaches that has contributed towards its improvement. This paper has reviewed the global positioning system (GPS) and computer vision based navigational system and found that there is a large gap between the actual demand of navigation and what currently exists. Therefore, the proposed study discusses about a novel framework of an autonomous navigation system that uses GPS as well as computer vision considering the case study of futuristic road traffic system. An analytical model is built up where the geo-referenced data from GPS is integrated with the signals captured from the visual sensors are considered to implement this concept. The simulated outcome of the study shows that proposed study offers enhanced accuracy as well as faster processing in contrast to existing approaches.


Accuracy; Computer vision; Geo-reference data; Global positioning system; Visual sensor

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