Constrained discrete model predictive control of a greenhouse system temperature

Hafsa Hamidane, Samira El Faiz, Mohammed Guerbaoui, Abdelali Ed-Dahhak, Abdeslam Lachhab, Benachir Bouchikhi


In this paper, a constrained discete model predictive control (CDMPC) strategy for a greenhouse inside temperature is presented. To describe the dynamics of our system’s inside temperature, an experimental greenhouse prototype is engaged. For the mathematical modeling, a state space form which fits properly the acquired data of the greenhouse temperature dynamics is identified using the subspace system identification (N4sid) algorithm. The obtained model is used in order to develop the CDMPC starategy which role is to select the best control moves based on an optimization procedure under the constraints on the control notion. For efficient evaluation of the proposed control approach Matlab/Simulink and Yalmip optimization toolbox are used for algorithm and blocks implementation. The simulation results confirm the accuracy of the controller that garantees both the control and the reference tracking objectives.


constraints; greenhouse; linear system; model predictive control; optimization; temperature control; yalmip

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