Optimum reactive power compensation for distribution system using dolphin algorithm considering different load models

Waleed Khalid Shakir Al-Jubori, Ali Nasser Hussain


The distribution system represents the connection between consumers and the entire power network. The radial structure is preferred for distribution system due to its simple design and low cost. The electrical distribution system suffers from problems of rising power losses higher than the transmission system and voltage drop. One of the important solutions to improve the voltage profile and to reduce the electrical distribution system losses is the reactive power compensation which is based on the optimum choice of position and capacitor size in the network. In this paper, different models of electrical loads such as constant power(P), constant current(I), constant impedance(Z), and composite (ZIP) model are implemented with comparisons between them in order to identify the most effective load type that produces the optimal settlement for alleged loss reduction ,enhancement of the voltage profile, and cost savings. To minimize search space, Dolphin Optimization Algorithm (DOA) is applied for selecting the size and location of capacitors. Two case studies (IEEE 16- bus and 33- bus) are employed to evaluate the different load models with optimal reactive power compensation. The results of comparison between the different load models show that ZIP model is the best to produce the optimum solution for capacitor position and size. In addition, comparison of results with literature works are done and showed that DOA is the most robust among other algorithms to achieve the optimum solution for voltage profile enhancement significant reduction of losses, and saving cost.


Reactive power compensation; Optimal capacitor placement; Different Load models; Dolphin optimization algorithm; Power loss reduction; Voltage profile enhancement

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i5.pp5032-5047

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