An adaptive anomaly request detection framework based on dynamic web application profiles

Cho Do Xuan, Nam Nguyen, Hoa Nguyen Dinh


Web application firewall is a highly effective application in protecting the application layer and database layer of websites from attack access. This paper proposes a new web application firewall deploying method based on Dynamic Web application profiling (DWAP) analysis technique. This is a method to deploy a firewall based on analyzing website access data. DWAP is improved to integrate deeply into the structure of the website to increase the compatibility of the anomaly detection system into each website, thereby improving the ability to detect abnormal requests. To improve the compatibility of the web application firewall with protected objects, the proposed system consists of two parts with the main tasks are: i) Detect abnormal access in web application (WA) access; ii) Semi-automatic update the attack data to the abnormal access detection system during WA access. This new method is applicable in real-time detection systems where updating of new attack data is essential since web attacks are increasingly complex and sophisticated.


Dynamic profiling; Web application firewall; Anomaly request; Data clustering

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