Modified sub-gradient based combined objective technique and evolutionary programming approach for economic dispatch involving valve-point loading, enhanced prohibited zones and ramp rate constraints

Susanta Kumar Gachhayat, Saroja Kumar Dash


A security constrained non-convex power dispatch problem with prohibited operation zones and ramp rates is formulated and solved using an iterative solution method based on the feasible modified sub-gradient algorithm (FMSG). Since the cost function, all equality and inequality constraints in the nonlinear optimization model are written in terms of the bus voltage magnitudes, phase angles, off-nominal tap settings, and the Susceptance values of static VAR (SVAR) systems, they can be taken as independent variables. The actual power system loss is included in the current approach and the load flow equations are inserted into the model as the equality constraints. The proposed modified sub gradient based combined objective technique and evolutionary programming approach (MSGBCAEP) with as decision variable and cost function as fitness function is tested on the IEEE 30-bus 6 generator test case system. The absence of crossover operation and adoption of fast judicious modifications in initialization of parent population, offspring generation and normal distribution curve selection in EP enables the proposed MSGBCAEP approach to ascertain global optimal solution for cost of generation and emission level shown in Table 6 and displayed in Figure 2 and Figure 3 respectively.



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