Determination of the price for a hydro resource with consideration of operating conditions of hydropower plants using complex criteria of profit maxmization

T. V. Myatezh, Y. A. Sekretarev


In this paper, a universal method has been developed to determine the price of a hydro resource (one cubic meter) for the operational regulation of a hydropower plant (HPP), which is a combination of an optimization method and a method for assessing the marginal utility. The proposed approach is based on the correct representation of differential incremental rate characteristics of water at an HPP and fuel at a thermal power plant (TPP). To know the price of a hydro resource used for electricity generation at a hydropower plant. This gives the possibility to increase the efficiency of management both at a hydropower plant, and in a water utilization system as a whole. Using the examples of Novosibirsk HPP, it is expected to develop an estimation of economic effect from the implementation of the developed criteria, the proposed method of the calculation of a hydro resource price at HPP, and the method of separating fuel costs at CHPP. As a result of the implementation the developed method for the HPP, a price of electricity sold in the flexible energy market will be compared to the price of the electricity produced and sold at CHPP, being equal to approximately 330 rubles/MW h.


Complex exergy criteria; Flexible electricity market; Hydropower plant; Novosibirsk; Thermal power plant; Thermodynamic;

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