Identity-based threshold group signature scheme based on multiple hard number theoretic problems

Nedal Tahat, Ashraf A. Tahat


We introduce in this paper a new identity-based threshold signature (IBTHS) technique, which is based on a pair of intractable problems, residuosity and discrete logarithm. This technique relies on two difficult problems and offers an improved level of security relative to an individual hard problem. The majority of the denoted IBTHS techniques are established on an individual difficult problem. Despite the fact that these methods are secure, however, a prospective solution of this sole problem by an adversary will enable him/her to recover the entire private data together with secret keys and configuration values of the associated scheme. Our technique is immune to the four most familiar attack types in relation to the signature schemes. Enhanced performance of our proposed technique is verified in terms of minimum cost of computations required by both of the signing algorithm and the verifying algorithm in addition to immunity to attacks.


Identity-based signature, Threshold signature; Residuosity and discrete logarithm.

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