Optimization of open flow controller placement in software defined networks

Raghda Salam Al mahdawi, Huda M. Salih


The world is entering into the era of Big Data where computer networks are an essential part. However, the current network architecture is not very convenient to configure such leap. Software defined network (SDN) is a new network architecture which argues the separation of control and data planes of the network devices by centralizing the former in high level, centralised devices and efficient supervisors, called controllers. This paper proposes a mathematical model that helps optimizing the locations of the controllers within the network while minimizing the overall cost under realistic constrains. Our method includes finding the minimum cost of placing the controllers; these costs are the network latency, controller processing power and link bandwidth. Different types of network topologies have been adopted to consider the data profile of the controllers, links of controllers and locations of switches. The results showed that as the size of input data increased, the time to find the optimal solution also increased in a non-polynomial time. In addition, the cost of solution is increased linearly with the input size. Furthermore, when increasing allocating possible locations of the controllers, for the same number of switches, the cost was found to be less.


network controller; open flow; software defined network;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i4.pp3145-3153

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