Non-convex constrained economic power dispatch with prohibited operating zones and piecewise quadratic cost functions

Shaimaa R. Spea


This paper is focused on the solution of the non-convex economic power dispatch problem with piecewise quadratic cost functions and practical operation constraints of generation units. The constraints of the economic dispatch problem are power balance constraint, generation limits constraint, prohibited operating zones and transmission power losses. To solve this problem, a meta-heuristic optimization algorithm named crow search algorithm is proposed. A constraint handling technique is also implemented to satisfy the constraints effectively. For the verification of the effectiveness and the superiority of the proposed algorithm, it is tested on 6-unit, 10-unit and 15-unit test systems. The simulation results and statistical analysis show the efficiency of the proposed algorithm. Also, the results confirm the superiority and the high-quality solutions of the proposed algorithm when compared to the other reported algorithms.


Crow search algorithm; Non-convex economic power dispatch; Piecewise cost function; Prohibited operating zones

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