Distribution network reconfiguration for loss reduction using PSO method

Yahiaoui Merzoug, Bouanane Abdelkrim, Boumediene Larbi


In recent years, the reconfiguration of the distribution network has been proclaimed as a method for realizing power savings, with virtually zero cost. The current trend is to design distribution networks with a mesh network structure, but to operate them radially. This is achieved by the establishment of an appropriate number of switchable branches which allow the realization of a radial configuration capable of supplying all of the normal defects in the box of permanent defect. The purpose of this article is to find an optimal reconfiguration using a Meta heuristic method, namely the particle swarm optimization method (PSO), to reduce active losses and voltage deviations by taking into account certain technical constraints. The validity of this method is tested on a 33-IEEE test network and the results obtained are compared with the results of basic load flow.


Particle Swarm Optimization; Distribution Network; reconfiguration; Loss Reduction; Voltage Profile

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i5.pp5009-5015

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