Case-based reasoning system for prediction of fuel consumption by haulage trucks in open-pit mines

Gomolemo Tadubana, Boyce Sigweni, Raymond Suglo


The shovel-truck system is commonly used in open-pit mining operations. Truck haulage cost constitutes about 26% of open-pit mining costs as the trucks are mostly powered by diesel whose cost is escalating annually. Therefore, reducing fuel consumption could lead to a significant decrease in overall mining costs. Various methods have been proposed to improve fuel efficiency in open-pit mines. Case-based reasoning (CBR) can be used to estimate fuel consumption by haulage trucks. In this work, CBR methods namely case-based reasoning using forward sequential selection (CBR-FSS), traditional CBR, and Naïve techniques were used to predict fuel consumption by trucks operating at Orapa Mine. The results show that the CBR method can be used to predict fuel consumption by trucks in open-pit mines; the predicted values of fuel consumption using the CBR-FSS technique gave much lower absolute residual values, higher standardised accuracy values, and effect sizes than those of other prediction techniques on all the datasets used. The system will enable mine planners to know the fuel consumed per trip and allow them to take mitigation measures on trucks with high fuel consumption.


case-based reasoning; fuel consumption; haulage trucks; open-pit mine; prediction;

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