A vertical wind turbine monitoring system using commercial online digital dashboard

A. K. Ermeey, M. M. Taib, A. R. Nasran, Y. M. Yushafizee


The output of a green energy generator is required to be monitor continuously. The monitoring process is important because the performance of the energy gen- erator needs to be known and evaluate. However, monitoring the generator manu- ally and efficiently is troublesome. Moreover, when most of the energy generator located at uneasy to reach or at a very remote place. Added to the cost, human intervention for the monitoring process contributes to the unnecessary bill. All the highlighted limitations can be overcome using an internet cloud base system and application. Most of the existing data logging instruments use a memory card or personal computer in their operation. The stored data is accessible only at a dedicated computer alone. This work presented a complete energy generator interface with a commercial online digital dashboard. The digital dashboard, parameters of the wind turbine, such as the amount of power generates and the magnitude of instantaneous voltage can be monitored, and the recorded data can be accessed quickly, at any time and anyplace.


Internet of things; Vertical wind turbine; Renewable energy; Cloud communication; Arduino

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i5.pp5131-5138

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