A new RSA public key encryption scheme with chaotic maps

Nedal Tahat, Ashraf A. Tahat, Maysam Abu-Dalu, Ramzi B. Albadarneh, Alaa E. Abdallah, Obaida M. Al-Hazaimeh


Public key cryptography has received great attention in the field of information exchange through insecure channels. In this paper, we combine the Dependent-RSA (DRSA) and chaotic maps (CM) to get a new secure cryptosystem, which depends on both integer factorization and chaotic maps discrete logarithm (CMDL). Using this new system, the scammer has to go through two levels of reverse engineering, concurrently, so as to perform the recovery of original text from the cipher-text has been received. Thus, this new system is supposed to be more sophisticated and more secure than other systems. We prove that our new cryptosystem does not increase the overhead in performing the encryption process or the decryption process considering that it requires minimum operations in both. We show that this new cryptosystem is more efficient in terms of performance compared with other encryption systems, which makes it more suitable for nodes with limited computational ability.


chaotic maps; cryptanalysis; cryptography; public key cryptography; RSA;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i2.pp1430-1437

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