Three-dimensional structure from motion recovery of a moving object with noisy measurement

Zoubaida Mejri, Lilia Sidhom, Afef Abdelkrim


In this paper, a Nonlinear Unknown Input Observer (NLUIO) based approach is proposed for three-dimensional (3-D) structure from motion identification. Unlike the previous studies that require prior knowledge of either the motion parameters or scene geometry, the proposed approach assumes that the object motion is imperfectly known and considered as an unknown input to the perspective dynamical system. The reconstruction of the 3-D structure of the moving objects can be achieved using just two-dimensional (2-D) images of a monocular vision system. The proposed scheme is illustrated with a numerical example in the presence of measurement noise for both static and dynamic scenes. Those results are used to clearly demonstrate the advantages of the proposed NLUIO.


Structure from motion; Monocular vision systems; Nonlinear unknown input observer; Measurement noise;

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