Inter-trip links incorporated optimal protection coordination

Ali Abbasi, Hossein Kazemi Karegar, Tohid Soleymani Aghdam


Due to advances in smart grid, different communication links as delay, inter-trip and activation are used between relays to enhance the protection system performance. In this paper, the effect of inter-trip links on optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs) is analytically investigated and modelled. Moreover, an index is proposed to find the optimum locations for inter-trip link installation to reach the minimal fault clearance times under the selectivity constraint. Then a method is proposed to determine the candidate locations of inter-trip links and the associated reduced operating times. An Exhaustive search approach is also used to validate the efficiency of the proposed method. The method is simulated and tested on distribution network of IEEE 33 bus using the Power Factory software and MATLAB optimization toolbox. Genetic algorithm is used as an optimization tool to find optimal settings of relays. The results indicate the capability of proposed method in optimal protection coordination with optimum inter-trips.


Protection coordination; OverCurrent relays; Inter-trip Link; Genetic algorithm; Distribution network;

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