Recommender system for personalised travel itinerary

Tanuja Choudhary B, Tulasi B


A recommender system is an approach to give an appropriate solu-tion to a particular problem. This helps in recognising the pattern or behaviour of a user to suggest future possible likes of the user. Nowa-days people like to travel during their spare time, it has become a rigid task to decide where to go. This paper represents a customised recommender system to help users in destining their itinerary. A model is designed to suggest the best places to visit in Rome. A questionnaire was prepared to get information about users interest during their travel. The model generates the best five places to visit with respect to the choice picked by the user. The top five places for each category will be displayed to the user and the user was asked to pick a starting point for the itinerary. Then the model generates another set off a filtered list of places to enhance their travel experi-ence. It includes displaying the top 5 restaurants to visit during their travel.


r; recommender system; tourism; tourpedia; travel;

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