Data visualization and toss related analysis of IPL teams and batsmen performances

Vidit Kanungo, Tulasi B


Sports play a very significant role in the development of the human persona. Getting involved in games like Cricket and other various sports help us to build character, discipline, confidence and physical fitness. Indian Premier League, IPL provides the most successful form of cricket as it gives opportunities to young and talented players to show case their talents on various pitch. Decision-makers are the utmost customers for all fundamentals in the sports analytics framework. Sports analytics has been a smash hit in shaping success for many players and teams in various sports. Sports analytics and data visualization can play a crucial role in selecting the best players for a team. This paper is about the Toss Related analysis and the breadth of data visualization in supporting the decision makers for identifying inherent players for their teams.


“R” tool; “spyder” tool; data visualization; player performance; sports analytics;

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