Automated medical surgical trolley

N. M. Saad, A. R. Abdullah, N. S. M. Noor, N. A. Hamid, M. A. Muhammad Syahmi, N. M. Ali


Operating theatre is a place in a hospital where surgical operations are conducted on patients by surgeons. In the operating theatre, the surgical equipment is placed on stainless steel table or on surgical instrument tray. However, during the operation accidents can occur where the surgical tools placed near to the surgeon could be accidentally be hit by them during the surgical operation. This may cause the surgical tools to fall on the floor which may lead to injuries. Hence, this paper presents an automatic medical surgical trolley for surgeons to grab operating tools easily. The proposed system is implemented for automaticmedical surgical trolley movement using Arduino Uno R3. The invention provides an automatic medical surgical trolley which comprises automatic guidance, a wireless controller, an obstacle avoiding detection device, a touch screen controller via smart phone, an IP camera, a trolley, an integrated power supply and a processor. The trolley with stainless steel shelves is ideal for use in clinical environments and operation theatres. Medical equipment is loaded in the trolley, the wireless remote drives the trolley to move forwards and backwards. Automatic visual guidance is achieved via an IP camera attached to the trolley and a touch screen controller via a smart phone. A large amount of space and a large number of materials are saved, the workload of medical workers will be greatly relieved, and the working efficiency will be improved.


arduino; automatic medical surgical trolley movement; IP camera; operation theatre; surgical equipment;

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