Solar energy based impedance-source inverter for grid system

S. Kamalakkannan, D. Kirubakaran


In this work, the fickleness of solar energy can be overcome by using Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm (MPPT). Perturb and Observation (P&O) MPPT algorithm accomplish fast the maximum power point for rapid change of environmental conditions such as irradiance intensity and temperature. The MPPT algorithm applied to solar PV system keep the boost converter output constant. Output from boost converter is taken to three phase impedance-source inverter with RL load and grid system. Impedance-source inverter performs the transformation of variable DC output of the solar PV system in to near sinusoidal AC output. This near sinusoidal AC output consecutively is served to the RL load first and then to grid system. The simulation is carried out in matlab/simulink platform both for RL load and grid system and the simulation results are experimentally validated for RL load arrangement only.


impedance-source inverter, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), solar energy system

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