Failure prediction of e-banking application system using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)

Yuwono Abdillah, Suharjito Suharjito


Problems often faced by IT operation unit is the difficulty in determining the cause of the failure of an incident such as slowing access to the internet banking url, non-functioning of some features of m-banking or even the cessation of the entire e-banking service. The proposed method to modify ANFIS with Fuzzy C-Means Clustering (FCM) approach is applied to detect four typical kinds of faults that may happen in the e-banking system, which are application response times, transaction per second, server utilization and network performance. Input data is obtained from the e-banking monitoring results throughout 2017 that become data training and data testing. The study shows that an ANFIS modeling with FCM optimized input has a RMSE 0.006 and  increased accuracy by 1.27% compared to ANFIS without FCM optimization.


FCM clustering, e-banking failure, ANFIS

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