Content-based Image Retrieval System for an Image Gallery Search Application

Nicole Tham Ley Mai, Syahmi Syahiran Bin Ahmad Ridzuan, Zaid Bin Omar


Content-based image retrieval is a process framework that applies computer vision techniques for searching and managing large image collections more efficiently. With the growth of large digital image collections triggered by rapid advances in electronic storage capacity and computing power, there is a growing need for devices and computer systems to support efficient browsing, searching, and retrieval for image collections. Hence, the aim of this project is to develop a content-based image retrieval system that can be implemented in an image gallery desktop application to allow efficient browsing through three different search modes: retrieval by image query, retrieval by facial recognition, and retrieval by text or tags. In this project, the MPEG-7-like Powered Localized Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor is used to extract the feature vectors of the image database and the facial recognition system is built around the Eigenfaces concept. A graphical user interface with the basic functionality of an image gallery application is also developed to implement the three search modes. Results show that the application is able to retrieve and display images in a collection as thumbnail previews with high retrieval accuracy and medium relevance and the computational requirements for subsequent searches were significantly reduced through the incorporation of text-based image retrieval as one of the search modes. All in all, this study introduces a simple and convenient way of offline image searches on desktop computers and provides a stepping stone to future content-based image retrieval systems built for similar purposes.


auto-tagging; content-based image retrieval; mpeg-& powered localized descriptor; principal component analysis; text-based image retrieval

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