A New Phase Current Profiling with FLC f or Torque Optimization of 12/8 SRM

Sihem Saidani, Mohamed Radhouan Hachicha, Moez Ghariani


The switched reluctance machine against its several merits such as simplicity, robustness, less cost manufacturing and large speed still suffers from its undesirable torque ripple and acoustic noise. Compared to different candidates of hybrid and electric vehicle engine, the frequency of use of SRM in traction drives is improved with the different optimizing torque oscillation solutions. Most of studies used the generic or specific model of switched reluctance machine in the Simulink library (6/4,8/6 and 10/8). Despite, a new non linear model simply implemented in Simulink tool usinga static finite element analysis a previous study is used in this work. Hence, a 12/8 non linear SRM drive system is simulated using MATLAB toolbox tested with an intelligent controller (FLC) in order to minimize the torque ripple of an oriented starter –alternator application of a hybrid vehicle.


— non linear switched reluctance machine, torque ripple minimization, Torque Sharing Function, Direct Torque Instantaneous Control , Fuzzy Logic Controller

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v6i5.pp1948-1955

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