Improved probabilistic distance based locality preserving projections method to reduce dimensionality in large datasets

Jasem M. Alostad


In this paper, a dimensionality reduction is achieved in large datasets using the proposed distance based Non-integer Matrix Factorization (NMF) technique, which is intended to solve the data dimensionality problem. Here, NMF and distance measurement aim to resolve the non-orthogonality problem due to increased dataset dimensionality. It initially partitions the datasets, organizes them into a defined geometric structure and it avoids capturing the dataset structure through a distance based similarity measurement. The proposed method is designed to fit the dynamic datasets and it includes the intrinsic structure using data geometry. Therefore, the complexity of data is further avoided using an Improved Distance based Locality Preserving Projection. The proposed method is evaluated against existing methods in terms of accuracy, average accuracy, mutual information and average mutual information.


mutual Information, non-orthogonality, large dimensional datasets, locality preserving projection

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