A review on various optimization techniques of resource provisioning in cloud computing

K. Sumalatha, M. S. Anbarasi


Cloud computing is the provision of IT resources (IaaS) on-demand using a pay as you go model over the internet.It is a broad and deep platform that helps customers builds sophisticated, scalable applications. To get the full benefits, research on a wide range of topics is needed. While resource over-provisioning can cost users more than necessary, resource under provisioning hurts the application performance. The cost effectiveness of cloud computing highly depends on how well the customer can optimize the cost of renting resources (VMs) from cloud providers. The issue of resource provisioning optimization from cloud-consumer potential is a complicated optimization issue, which includes much uncertainty parameters. There is a much research avenue available for solving this problem as it is in the real-world. Here, in this paper we provide details about various optimization techniques for resource provisioning.


resource provisioning, optimization techniques, uncertinity, virtual machines, IaaS

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v9i1.pp629-634

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